All zeros in ISRC code on CD-R

I don’t burn many CD-R discs anymore, but I had to yesterday for a less serious project and when I went to load the CD back into a montage to analyze, I noticed that the ISRC code field was all zeros.

I didn’t enter any ISRC codes in the montage ISRC code fields. Is this a bug or user error on my end? WL 8.5.30 on OS X 10.10.4 64-bit

Because it is not a serious project, I burned the CD using my Apple USB SuperDrive. I may have to get out my Plextor CD-R burner and do some testing but wanted to post here first to see if anybody had a similar experience.

Here’s a picture:

PS, when I render a DDP and check that DDP in WaveLab or HOFA DDP Player Maker, I do not see any ISRC codes.

I only see the all zeros ISRC code when I try to import the CD using WaveLab.

Does not happen on my Windoze 7 setup.

The isrc codes are not retrieved by default.
You must ask for them, because it takes time.
Moreover, this is not uncommon to have drives
with faulty firmware, that don’t grab isrc codes

Just burned a CD without ISRC’s using WL 8.5.3/Windows7(64b) with Plextor drive.
Import resulting CD with WL shows blanks in the ISRC fields.
Used Plextools on another DAW to examine the same CD and the ISRC fields show blank there, too.