Allen Morgan Drums for N6 ...

i was watching a steinberg youtube tutorial on groove agent one and it says allen morgan drums are included with cubase 7 … if this is true, if you have NEK are these included ?

thank you john

I asked this same question over a month ago and never got an answer…
I know this isn’t as important as some of the on going issues but it takes
2 seconds to chime in with an answer Steinberg.

How about it?


The presets should show up in Groove Agent One…
So was that a positive or negative?

Thanks for checking…


i do not have a folder with these as it shows in a pic on youtube (can’t find that damn video right now) and i searched in all libraries on my harddrive for Groove Agent files … here are pics of what i have in my groove agent …
GAone #1.jpg
GAone #2.jpg

Ok, I finally did the update to Nuendo 6+Nek 6 last night.
The Allen Morgan drums are indeed included and working fine here.

The only problem I have so far is with Halion Sonic SE.
The 300 new sounds are loading and playing fine, but I have no “Edit Layer Page”
when they are loaded. I tried moving a few files around but still no luck.

Could this be because I had the Nu6 demo already installed and
when I went to install the purchased upgrade it said “Nuendo 6 is already installed”
and so I skipped it. I just installed the Nek portion.

Seems like the install process could do with an upgrade itself.
It should scan the system and know exactly what to do.

good deal … do i have them and do not know it ? where can i find these files that you have ? what location SHOULD they be in ?

thank you



In which plug-in and under what preset name do they show up?

I think I got the Allen Morgan Kits for Groove Agent One when I installed the trial of Cubase 7.
They were installed in their default location. Then the trial ended and the drums were sucked into a black hole.
After installing Nuendo 6 + Nek the other night, they came back.

When I look in Mediabay, the Allen Morgan folder is inside of the VST sound folder.
That’s all I can say at the moment. Looking for the actual files on my hard drive produced nothing.

Hope you get it worked out.

ok … thank s for looking … i will try re-loading the NEK for laughs …