Allen Morgan Toolbox - Groove Agent 1??

Just upgraded from C6 to C8. Was browsing the included Allen Morgan stuff via the media bay. All the kit presets want to open up in Groove Agent 1 when I double click them. I don’t have GA1 in 8 by default. Do I need to install it?

Groove Agent 1 should be located in the Additional Content folder of the installer.

Cheers. I’ll have a look for it.

Kinda weird don’t ya think that Cubase advertise something in pro 8 that you can’t immediately use unless you install and older version of GA?

or maybe I missed the point???

Don’t you have Groove Agent 4 SE?

It should have installed with Cubase 8.

I do yeah, but double clicking on the presets from the media bay opens them up in a track with a missing GA1 plugin, not GA4 SE…

I downloaded GA1, so as to use MediaBay to its fullest, following the instructions, from

Thanks :slight_smile: