Alligning elements. Do you use the Snap Point line?

When you are alligning elements i.e. a kick to OH’s, snare to OH’s Bass to Bass’s DI.
Are you going to use the Snap Point line as reference?

I dunno how to use it. It’s confusing :frowning:
I just look at crest of the wave and its start, and I don’t know If I am doing it right.

Now what do you want to align - the snap points, or the waveforms? If you can answer that , you anwered your own question.
What the snap point is for should be explained in the manual

The manual goes into details about the snap and sample editor. It’s for cutting audio or midi parts or snapping to the ruler at the bar, beat or set to the quantize value.

For example set to bar when you click on the ruler the locator will snap to the nearest bar or you can cut at the bar.
The same goes for beat and set to quantize.

Hold the option/alt and Cubase will cut multiples equal size pieces.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for putting this post in here. I was just trying to align some audio clips I had made where Cubase had arbitrarily put the snap points to any old weird place in the clip - I thought I was going f+++in’ INSANE!
Pretty cool feature though now I know what I’d run in to…