Allow Control Room inserts to be pre or post fader

In Cubase 8 Pro, the Control Room inserts are all post fader by design. But if we had the possibility of setting them pre fader, that would had an obvious advantage: we could use spectrum analyzers as monitor inserts, and their graphic curves wouldn’t get affected by your monitor volume. Right now, this possibility is seriously compromised, as the height of the curves depends on the volume you set for your monitors in the Control Room. If you are monitoring at very low volumes, you won’t barely see the magnitude of the input signal in the analyzer. So my petition to Steinberg is:

Could you please consider adding a preference in the Control Room menu, so we can choose if the Control Room inserts act as pre fader or post fader slots?

Thank you.

The Monitor Inserts were always Post Fader, even in 7.5
The CR, Cues and Talkback inserts are still as they were too as far as I can tell.

Thanks BriHar, I think I got it: Monitor inserts are post fader, but CR inserts are pre fader (just tested)… I think i’m missing something here, I’ll check the manual again.

Also i would prefer by the same reason view the level meter always pre fader. If i play audio file from mediabay, is not possible to know the real level. Because is affected by the monitor fader.

Even if set to unity gain?

I think so. What confused me was that I was using the Main inserts (pre fader) in former Cubase versions for my analysis tasks, and when installing Cubase 8 last week I mistakenly changed those plugins to Monitor inserts (post fader), so the representations of the spectral curves in Voxengo SPAM, for example, turned into volume dependant.

I don’t know if these differences between Main inserts (in the manual this is mentioned as the “Control Room Channel”, p.356) vs Monitor inserts are well documented. In fact, when describing that Control Room Channel, the manual (p. 360) never especifically defines its inserts as pre fader, but in fact they are (fortunately for my purposes, at least).