Allow Cubase Video Window to *not* be "Always On Top"

Seems like there is no way to have the Cubase Video Window “Always On Top”.
The Video window disappears when switching across applications. This has been an issue for well over 7 years.
This bug happens on MAC only.
Mac users: please vote!

That happens to be how it’s designed, it’s the same on Windows. Always-on-Top means that window is always on top in the program that spawned it. And when the program is not at the front, aka in focus, the windows disappears.

What you actually want might actually be the ability for the window not to be a.w.t.

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that sounds right…any way to accomplish that?

For some reason that window can’t be switched to the normal mode. I agree – it would be more convenient if the windows could be seen all the time.
I edited the title to reflect our posts.

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As @steve mentioned, this is by design, or better yet, an OS limitation on both Mac and PC if the developer chooses to present this kind of window.
All Pro users I know (including me) use a dedicated Blackmagic Design (BMD) hardware video monitoring device, that not only solves this problem, but also gives you better (smoother) video playback and even takes the video handling off of the software to give you more processing power for other tasks.
If you use this kind of device, you ALWAYS see the video playback even when you’re browsing the Internet, as it streams the video output to a dedicated display via HDMI cable and isn’t shown as another window on your OS.

I refuse to believe that to play the video you have to get an hardware unit…I’m sure that’s how the PRO do it but its kinda silly IMHO

Sure, and it works. but this is the Cubase forum, so the user base is different than Nuendo’s – where it’s common for users to be working in post production.

On the same token though, you can buy something from the Blackmagic Decklink line for a bit over $100, and plug that into an hdmi monitor.

That’s exactly what I was talking about, I wasn’t suggesting to invent in expensive hardware, just around 100 bucks and benefit big time.
But I totally understand why this solution may sound out of context for someone who only wanted to keep the video visible.

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I was asking this because I am going to score a film using ableton generating MTC into Cubase. Cubase will host the picture and the print tracks. Its impossible for me to have Ableton in the foreground while leaving the Cubase video window also in the foreground on my video monitor