Allow different sample rates

I open a project with sample rate (48), Then I play mp3 file with another player, I have a message from Cubase with 2 choices - “Adjust project settings”, “Allow different sample rates”. Doesn’t matter the choice, I always have the project changed. Audio is playing slowly. I figure out, that to avoid this, the sample rate of my project should be the same as the sample rate of my sound devise. So If a I have project s with different sample rates, I always have to change the sound device sample rate… Is there easiest way to use different sample rates in Cubase, without making any adjustments on the sample rate of my sound device?.. What is the point of choosing the option “Allow different sample rates”, when nothing really happens? … Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The reason is, the Audio Device switches to the other Sample Rate. Therefore if you don’t resample your project, it will play slowly or it will change the pitch.

Sample rate of the project is setting the audio device sample rate automatically,
as long as there are no other settings that prevent this.