Allow Export > Audio Mixdown of the Control Room's Downmix Presets

It would be very helpful to have the option of choosing the Control Room’s Downmix Presets as output channels when exporting a mixdown.

As is, the only way to apply downmix settings to an export is to copy the MixConvert V6 settings manually from the Control Room into that of a downmix group that feeds a disconnected downmix output. This is tedious and prone to errors - engineers are likely to export a downmix without remembering to synchronize the MixConvert V6 settings. As such, the downmix heard in the studio won’t be the same as the downmix exported to file.

The proposed solution would be simple to implement and also intuitive to users. To clarify, simply include the Control Room’s four “Downmix Presets” in the Channel Selection list of the Export Audio Mixdown panel. These four ‘channels’ can appear in their own group - “Control Room.” If displaying the Downmix Presets’ user-specified names is a problem, then simply label them “Downmix Preset 1,” “Downmix Preset 2,” etc.

With this solution in place, engineers need merely choose File > Export > Audio Mixdown… and then choose Channel Selection > Control Room > Downmix Preset 1, for example. Et Voila! Their downmix will be exported with the MixConvert V6 settings used in the Control Room and heard in the studio.

Thank you for your consideration.

For additional background, this issue was discussed at length in an earlier forum thread: How to Monitor Downmix Outputs