Allow Feedback Routing.

Hi, some advanced mix and production techniques require so called feedback routing.
I can understand why it is not allowed, since it can create audio-disaster in the wrong hands, but please make this an option anyway (well hidden on the prefs ofc :slight_smile: )



+1 please. For example, I’d really like to have tape echo with other effects in the feedback loop, e.g. distortion, but this isn’t possible right now unless you feed back through your audio device.

I wonder if there’s a plugin which can re-route the audio to a partner plugin earlier in the chain?? Can’t find anything…

Maybe BlueCat’s will add this to their Patchwork plugin?


It’s possible through many interfaces’ software without real cables :laughing:
Loopback mode on RME TotalMix, seen such capabilities in other interface mixers as well. (Nonetheless it’s not as convinient as it could be.)

One application that doesn´t aim for psychedelic feedback echoes is: Treatment of a compressors´detector signal(side-chain). So, if you want to build a de-esser from a normal compressor (with no eq for the detector signal) you send the original signal to another channel where you treat it accordingly and send it back to the channel´s compressors side-chain input. Classic studio trickery that should be awesome to be able to do in Cubase.