Allow for 3rd party midi inserts

Pleas allow for this party midi inserts, so we can use them directly at the midi track instead of the current cumbersome routing via an extra midi instrument track.

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some kind of native scripting would be awesome too! and ability to route cc messages to control other instruments or effects parameters too. Seems like a new dimension could be opened with it.


There exist third party, so they are allowed - but not ordinary VSTs. I think Steinberg use VST MA style.
Thereby my request for a wrapper to insert VST ones, like Piz midi plugins.(still on first page I think).

Not much worth having - but Frank’s midi plugins have install for Cubase midi inserts:

I thinks it’s seven years since I bought them, and nothing new as I recall.
So don’t expect new things to happend.

I talked to Waves some years ago - if they were to make midi plugins - but they had no such plans.

If I remember correctly, 3rd-party MIDI plugins were only available on PC, not on Mac… apparently some missing component on Mac OS, that Apple declined to implement. (3rd-party?? I never even got invited to the first two! :stuck_out_tongue: )
But a big “+1” from me anyways! :slight_smile:

Good point, silly me not thinking that far.





Yes please!!!

I would love to be able to use things like Cthulhu and Riffer within Cubase without extra routing.

+1 on this

Would be an incredible feature