Allow for a key command to: Edit Instrument Channel Settings

So if you got 10 midi tracks connected to 1 Kontakt Rack instrument, pressing “e” on one of the midi channels brings up the midi track channel settings.

We need a key command to bring up “Edit Instrument Channel Settings”.

This way, we can adjust inserts, sends, eq, on the actual VST Audio Channel, while playing one of the corresponding midi tracks.


I’m looking for the same key command, but it´s missing.
I think that should be manage may be with a macro? any1 that achieved this?

Can’t do a macro if the particular key command doesn’t show up… Should be an easy fix…no?

I was looking for the exact same thing and then I found topics back from 2014 talking about the same issue.

Quite a disappointment there’s not a key command yet, 3 years later.

+1 !!!