Allow Link Project With Lower Zone To Work With Audio Events

I was just informed that the Link Project With Lower Zone does not work with audio events and that it was designed to only work with audio parts. My request is that this limitation be removed and allow the link to work with audio events. I personally never use audio parts so, as is, this feature is not very helpful. As far as I know, you can’t use Free Warp on a part and that is the main reason I want to link the Project and Lower Zone.

Ultimately, I would like to be able to free warp right on the Project window, but this would have been a reasonable compromise, if not for this limitation. I was almost positive there was a version that did not have this limitation. If anyone out there knows of a version where this works on audio events, and not just parts, please let me know.

Just a few quick follow up questions on this:

Is anyone using this feature as it is currently implemented? If so, how do you use it in regards for aligning vocals. If not, can you elaborate on why you don’t?

As I mentioned in my original post, this is a feature I would love to use but it doesn’t really work the way I would like it to. If someone has found a good workflow for using it, I would really be interested to know how you are doing it.

A more general solution, I believe, would be the ability to link editors not in the lower zone to the project window view. I just put a feature request in for this two days ago (hey … about a few plus-ones, folks?).

It would be nice if we could direct Cubase to take the leftmost and rightmost positions of the project window and apply them to an editor (non-lower-zone key editor, tempo editor, audio event editor) when those are opened. Then, if the position or zoom level changes while working in those editors, apply them back to the project window.

Hi David,

I’m not opposed to the link working for editors outside of the lower zone, but my request is specific to the lower zone. I find that having the audio editor directly lined up with the project would make it easier to line up a track that you are warping in the editor to the target guide in the project window. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with audio events which is what I am trying to warp.

If Steinberg ever allows us to warp in the project window then my request becomes pointless, but since my request seems to be the easier fix, I am asking for them to allow this link to work in the audio editor.

I can’t understand why they would have a limitation like this to begin with and I am still wondering if anyone has a work-a-round for this.


This would be such a time-saver!!!
Zoom should always be linked in the lower zone when warping/aligning otherwise it doesn’t make sense.
Makes people switch to other DAWs :frowning: