Allow mapping of multiple parameters on a track to a single controller

This is really the only reason I have Ableton Live kicking around (I’m not a music producer), and it’s something that is taken for granted in the world of game audio middleware. In a nutshell, the ability to map an arbitrary number of parameters on a single track and manipulate them all with a single input/controller.

A classic example; On a single track in Nuendo, I might want to control the send level to acoustic simulation effects, an insert EQ filter sweep frequency, and the track volume all with one knob.
Under the proposed functionality, we could simply set which parameters to control and the control range of each (eg. frequency sweep from 300Hz and 8KHz, track volume from -12dBFS to 0dBFS etc etc).
Add fade curves, and it would be extremely powerful.

I have spent waaaaay too many hours of my life drawing a heap of automation curves to simulate something in the distance coming closer and closer to an imaginary listener in various acoustic environments. It’s not just that either, there are all sorts of other sound design scenarios this would be really useful for (not to mention music production). Please let us streamline this sort of thing by adding this functionality.

I imagine this would live quite comfortably in the track inspector?

Yes, a meta-quick control would be an excellent addition.
And more modulation options in general… sound design in post production is growing more ‘musical’ so we need more musical control.