Allow marquee box to ignore beams

I find marquee selection a bit counterintuitive at times: I’m at 400% and can very accurately draw a box around the notes I want, but if that box crosses a stem then it picks up a bunch of other notes I don’t want, as in the gif below:


I recall seeing Daniel say that this behaviour is intentional, and I can definitely appreciate that selecting all the notes by clicking a stem is a useful shortcut. However, when trying to grab a bunch of notes quickly it’d be very helpful if the marquee box could ignore stems and just select the notes you enclosed. Could this be added as an option or something?

It’s the beam, rather than the stems, that accounts for this. When you select a beam, either by clicking it or by passing it with a marquee selection, you’ll select all of the notes on the stem. There’s no option to change this at the present time, I’m afraid.

You have the option to use Edit > Filter to pare down the selection.

Thanks, I’ve changed the thread title to reflect this

Might there be an option in future? I’m in the middle of moving a whole load of piano parts from Nuendo, and the process has been far more straightforward and, dare I say it, enjoyable than it would have been in Sibelius. Note selection, though, is at times quite fiddly and frustrating. The filter system is great, but even when combining common filters with key commands I’ve not been able to find a way to replicate the speed and ease of just lassoing the right notes.

I agree that an option would be good, but alas it’s not very simple for us to add such an option right now because of the way the click areas are calculated. I will make a note of it, though.