Allow multi-applications access to single MIDI hardware

(This concerne Windows users)
I’ve just asked a question in the general topic :

“What is common behavior on Windows is that two applications can’t use the same MIDI ports at once, and what’s also common behavior is that a DAW will lock up all of the MIDI ports making it impossible for another application to do anything with MIDI.”

Iam on Windows 8.1 and since now i have mostly been able to get around this problem with Midi-Ox and LoopBe30, but sometimes i still get conflict with midi communication hardware.

Yesterday i read that Windows 10 have a new internal system operation for midi :
MIDI API - also available across all Windows 10 devices - this new API allows multi-client access to single MIDI hardware, new jitter-free operation, plus other bug fixes - we hope they embrace the RTP MIDI (over the network too)” .

On my side with a couple of hardware i wish Windows could be more effective with midi port, and now with Windows 10 it’s seems that the door is open for developper to make it available for DAW :slight_smile:

I would very wellcome a multi-applications midi access to single MIDI hardware, that would make midi port communication/management so much easer :wink:

And with midi tools like Lemur and midi Soft like some Editor for hardware, in some situation used at the same time with Cubase, this fonction is really a must have, at least for my need, but i guess for many using those hardware tools and midi soft :wink:

I wish to be able to use Cubase and Soft Editor hardware at the same time in a more easy way with no turn around solution like now.

Now it’s almost so late for touch. I would prefer Oculus Rift integration with their touch controllers. Seems like you can do more with that and see more as well.