Allow multiple flows on one page... unless it splits up a flow

Is there a way to set up a layout so multiple flows are allowed on a page, unless doing so would split a single flow across multiple pages?

e.g. I have Flow 1 and Flow 2. When they both fit on a single page, that’s what I want. But when Flow 2 is long enough to extend to the next page, I would rather have it start on its own page instead.

You can force a flow to start a new page by adding a Frame Break to its first note.

There’s no option for this, and it might be a bit tricky to implement because Dorico won’t know until it has cast off the whole flow whether it will fit on the frame, but we’ll think about it, if it’s something that users with more conventional use cases for the software would also value.

Useful for MT parts to avoid page turns in a 6-or-so bar cue.