Allow to use Arrow Keys on search boxes.

Hopefully I won’t be alone on this one…

I find myself all the time trying to use the arrow keys after searching for something.
I type whatever, and when getting multiple options, continuing using the keyboard and hit enter seems like the way to go for me, having to reach for the mouse or keep typing until it matches what I want, doesn’t make any sense, feels so unnatural.

Why not hit [tab] then?

Thanks steve!, that’s great! tbh, it never occurred to me to try [tab] :open_mouth:

I guess, because it is a list, I expected it to behave more like a list, but [tab] will surely do.

In any case, I still feel it falls into the category of saving clicks and key presses, which been very discussed lately.
in this case, arrow keys should to an implicit [tab], this would also allow to navigate the list directly if someone does not want to start typing.

Anyway, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: