Allow up/down arrow use in plugin/routing menus

Now that we can type in the name of the bus or plugin we’re trying to get to (which is so much better than it was before!), it would make a lot of sense to allow up/down arrow use.

If I have three busses; Drum Stem, Drum Parallel, and Drum Master, I can type in “drum” in the menu but then have to physically click on which I want; I can’t just use the down arrow to highlight the item in the search results and hit ‘enter’ to launch it. This would speed up everyone’s workflow immensely; you wouldn’t have to type and then go back to the mouse before selecting the bus/plugin - it would all happen from the keyboard.

Yes…! Great idea.


Well, you can hit the tab key to move the cursor onto the list…

Hmm… well, that helps. :smiley: Thanks Steve.


Boom, that solves my issue entirely actually. Had no idea; thanks so much!!