Allow use of Up/Down and Enter when selecting a insert slot plugin

When you want to select a plugin for an insert you start typing a part of its name (or the name of a plugin type).
This way the list of plugins shrinks.

Now you should be able to use Up & Down keys to mark the desired plugin and hit Enter to select it finally.

This is a typical behavior in many applications and reduces having to change from mouse to keyboard and vice versa too many times and it would make plugin selection a lot faster in my opinion.


Good idea. :wink:

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the problem here is that when the list shrinks, the cursor sticks to the text field as these (search field and plug-in list) are effectively two separated zones, pretty much like the navigation pane or search field and the content window in Windows Explorer.

If you press TAB after entering the first part of the text, you’ll be able to use UP/DOWN and hit Enter to insert the selected entry.

Thanks Fabio. Didn’t know that, guess we all learn something new everyday.

Thanks a lot for the instructions. :slight_smile:

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Ok - it helps… :wink:

Thanks for that little nugget Fabio.!


Brilliant! Thanks so much for this tip.

Hi Fabio,

thanks for the tip! That’s a doable workaround.

But I’m a software developer and I know (and did it myself): It is possible to re-route the Up and Down keystrokes from the text field to the list element - at least in most systems. That would be much more intuitive.


PS: Didn’t see the replies to my post, thus the late answer…