Allow users to import and choose from Color Sets

Cubase has a Color Set object type, but the usage of this type is extremely limited. The only options are as follows:

Thus, currently, if the user wishes to change Color Sets in active project, they must change every color manually, one at a time, color by color. This is very tedious, and strongly disincentivizes the user from participating in the color set ecosystem.

Imagine selecting from a range color sets - maybe the fourth one you try is the one you like. To get there in the current ecosystem, the user would have to manually enter dozens of colors. Now say they liked the fourth option, but actually the second option is best. Now the user must repeat this process.

Why the user can’t simply import objects of this type is a mystery. In the popular “171 color pack for Cubase” documentation they point out that the only real way to use the pack is to have been using it prior to the project the user is working on. Very poor user experience here.