"Allowed VST 2 Plug-ins" UI disappeared in Dorico 5 (Version


Maybe this has been discussed:
Version (Jul 5 2023)
Dorico 5 AudioEngine Version
Under “Preferences - VST-Plugins”, the “Allowed VST 2 Plug-ins” UI has disappeared.

Are you using a new Mac native? They simply don’t use VST2 anymore😉

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Yes, I am currently using a native M2 computer. I noticed that VST2 plugins such as Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna Instruments Pro are still functioning smoothly along with VST3 plugins in other notation programs. Therefore, I assumed that I could still whitelist these plugins in Dorico as well.

If you start Dorico in Rosetta mode, then you can still use VST2 plugs. It’s only on native Apple Silicon where we dropped support for VST2

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Thank you!

Really, you should see if there are upgrades for these products that use VST3.