Allways 120 tempo - not matches

I’m writting to You because I have a problem.
Everytime that I start a new project in my Cubase Artist tempo is set on 120. After I put into the project a beat it’s plaing in the right tempo but the bars in the project are still on 120 and they’re not in match with the beat. After I change the tempo from 120 to the right one it’s not good. Could someone please help me with that? I want to record vocals and it’s much easier to work with them later if You see them in the right columns with a right numbers.

Hi and welcome,

You could either use one of the Tempo Detection function (might be, these are not available in Cubase Artist), or you can set the tempo manually before you drop the audio file to the project. Or you can disable Musical Mode of the Audio event and change the tempo manually.