Almost a feature request;)

Hi everyone!

I often have to transcribe songs or parts of the arrangement. now, thanks to the new licensing system, I can finally use Cubase and Dorico at the same time. generally I use cubase on the laptop where I insert the audio tracks that I have to transcribe and Dorico on the desktop computer.

it happens that to optimize times when I write music I use the repeat signs ||:: || and I insert them for the repeated parts. however, if I use the system track to copy music and paste it in an area where I have previously inserted a mark, a repeat barline is replaced. so I often find that some signs of repetition have disappeared, or I find unwanted ones because they were part of the portion of music that I copied.

I understand that the behavior is right, but I ask if it would be possible in the future to have the possibility to decide, when selecting material through the convenient system track, what to copy and what not.

for example, if I copy the first bar I find myself pasting the time signature and the accidentals … I repeat, it is normal and effective behavior, but I believe that my request may be useful.

thanks for your attention!

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Do you need to copy everything, inc system objects? If not, you could make your selection with the system track, then (eg) filter just notes and rests before doing the copy…

Hello! it depends … surely I would like to copy the notes and chord symbols, but not the beat bars …

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