Almost no plugins showing up in 64bit 'Process plugin' list

Just trying to make the scary old switch to 64 bit, but am having a few problems. The main hitch (aside from the godawful internal bridging and seeming inability to import preferences from 32 bit cubase 6 to 64 bit cubase 6), is that none of my plugins are showing up in the key commands ‘process plugin’ list. Key commands are absolutely essential in my opinion for a quick working method… the time I’ll save from not having to bounce stuff to audio will be completely negated if I can’t add key command shortcuts to the plugins I use most frequently.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening? I’ve updated to the latest version (6.07). Many thanks in advance for any help people can offer.


I know it’s not been long since I made the above request, but 64 bit is just pathetic… even with j-bridge I can use none of my VSTi except massive… the experiment is over haha. So please ignore my request for help, I’m going to go back to 32 bit and simply upgrade my RAM.

Did you actually install the 64-bit versions of your plugins?

because in this very list, there will only be x64 plugins available, there’s no bridging going on with offline processed plugins. (A guess, as I am rarely using this feature)

which would then be money thrown out the window with x32.

Better throw some more time into investigation: Massive doesn’t need a bridge, as it’s available as x64 plugin already.

I use so many plugins which still are only available as x32, all of them working perfectly (with jBridge in Cubase, with Sonars/Reapers own bridge), even automap enabled (ie. x32 wrapped)… And I’m sure, once you jBridge them to x64, they will again be visible in your offline process plugins :wink: