Almost ready to deprecate e-licenser

With the release of Absolute 6, I was finally hoping to be able to retire the elicenser dongle. However, I still have three licenses on there:

Amped Elektra
LoFi Piano
Basic FX Suite Rev 2

It is now a toss up which is more hassle - keeping the dongle or uninstalling the above…

However, does anyone know when/if these will be migrated to the new licensing - or perhaps they already have and I’m not looking in the right place for the updated versions?



I expect Steinberg will start wholesale migration of instruments and extensions to Steinberg Licensing now that HALion 7 and Absolute 6 have been released.

I would hope that Basic FX Suite 2 is a priority for migration from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing considering this is supplied with most (all?) Steinberg audio interfaces.

You haven’t missed anything, so far as I am aware. Keep an eye on the Vouchers section of My Steinberg to see if any new migration licences become available.

I am waiting for VST Connect Pro 5 to migrate to get rid of my dongle, and various instruments and expansions (including the two you mention) to migrate to get rid of eLicenser completely.

Delete the files , saves you being hassled with something thats been apart of Steinberg since time began

I help you hoping :wink: