Alokate song session to external harddrive


so, my computer is slowly dying on me since I have all my Cubase projects ON the computer. I have an external harddrive and would like to have all my projects there and while working in Cubase, I’d also like to have my project data saved automatically on the external harddrive and not on my computer… don’t want any trace of cubase projects/ data on my computer. So with my bad english I hope you understood me. Anyone who knows how I do this???

Help. Me. :stuck_out_tongue:

ps i have a Mac, OS X 10.8.3 and Cubase 6


-Existing Projects: Surely you have drag ´n´ drop on Mac too…? If not, you have cut / paste…?
-New projects: Simply direct new projects´project folders to the external HD

I think the OP wants to change the working directory so all future work will be saved in the new location.
If so, Backup Project… is the tool to use.

I think the OP wants

If so, simply moving the project folder / setting the project folder for new projects to the external HD also is just as well the way to go.

Hi! Thanks for your replies.
I’m technically handicapped though :sunglasses: How do I do that: setting ALL project folders to the external HD on my mac? Where do I click? Sorry… need exact instructions. When I have done so, everything that I do in Cubase and save will be saved on the external HD then and NOT on my computer right?

Prepare Archive-Backup Project- set path to folder on desired drive- open project from that path.

You don’ t need to “prepare archive” with “backup project”

It’s a safety measure in case files are referenced outside the Project audio folder.

Unnecessary. “Backup project…” takes care of it.