Already have Cubase Pro & HSO: still need D3 content?

The subject header almost says it all…

Are there any benefits (or potential pitfalls) re: installing the Dorico 3 Content when I already have full Cubase 10 Pro which includes Halion Sonic SE 3, and I also have Halion Symphonic Orchestra Sound Instrument Set (full version) installed, licensed an working?

I already installed just the Dorico 3 application, and can “play” the HSO instruments no problem, by the way.

Thank you so much.

Dorico Pro 3.0 bundles Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro -
If you don’t already have it, and want it, you’ll need to install the Dorico 3 Content. If the other content is already installed, it won’t be duplicated, so there aren’t hard drive space implications.

Cool, thanks!