Already Recorded Files/ Management

So I’m sure I am not the only one who has done this but I have recorded a lot of my song projects in what seems to all be in the same folder. Now I know that I have to create separate folders for each song I record. So my question is now what do I do about my other songs which all lives inside one folder? can I go inside that folder and create individual folders for each song and if this is possible how do I do that without it being very complex and messy.

You can separate them out but it will be a pia for sure. You might get lucky and can tell which files are for which project by using the “created on” date. Other than that… It’s hit and miss. Using the project pool to figure out what files belong to what project might help a bit too. Just make sure you don’t delete anything from that massive pool or you will probably loose some projects.

Several years ago I was able to separate out a few projects using the date method mentioned above but ultimately I left them grouped and moved forward creating separate folders for all future projects.

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“Backup Project”
Could be it´s named different in C 5, but it´s in the “file” tab

Thank you very much guys I will give it my best shot!!!