Also 192 KHz for the UR28M like the UR824?

Is there any change for 192KHz support for the UR28M just as announced for the UR824?

I didn’t see the driver URL in the Forum. Here it is from the Email link:

I would hope the UR28m will work with this driver? I don’t have one to test with though… Anybody?

Oh, after reading again, I see this update is provided by firmware.

UR824 Firmware Updater V150

Wouldn’t want to test that. Don’t try this at home!

The UR28M is now the only member of the UR family which does not have this capability. Since it is claimed that the channel circuitry is basically the same in all the units, then I should think a firmware update for the UR28M is in order. Can we expect one soon?

Any comments from Steinberg or Helge in this regard?


After introducing 192 kHz with our latest UR model, the UR22, we put into consideration the possibility of upgrading the sample rate to 192 kHz on our other UR models. By installing the firmware update, which we made available, this will become a reality for the UR824.
While we continue to enhance the feature set of the UR28M, it is physically impossible to extend the maximum sample rate of the UR28M to 192 kHz.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Hmm, that’s a pity :cry:

I assume this is because of the unusual (compared to the other URs) architecture regarding the mix busses. :question:

In reality though, how many of us use 192?


I concur, for most of us not a show stopper, just a pity. :wink: