Alt-click and dynamics

Can Alt-click be used to input dynamics to individual voices in a piano piece? I’m struggling to have it working with more than 2 voices.

I’ve never tried. What definitely does work is entering dynamics from the caret, and closing the popover using alt+enter.

Thanks Leo. I’ve tried that a few times now and I can’t get it to work on all voices. On the the two upper stem voices on different staves - no problem, but not with the the lower stem voices.

However, I’ve just found a fix that will probably work for me most of the time and is also much less time-consuming. My objective is to to have the melody play more distinctively than the accompaniment. So if I set a general dynamic for the accompaniment and up it by one for the melody using alt-click, it sounds good enough.

For anyone wondering why I’m not using the independent playback of voices option on the Play Page, there are problems with tied notes across different voices and pedalling if I take that approach.

I wasn’t aware of this option and I couldn’t find it, either in playback preferences or on the play page. Would you pointing me in the right direction? Thanks!

In Play mode, open the tab for an instrument. Just below the instrument name there is a button and a greyed-out field saying “All voices”. If you click the button, then the greyed out field becomes a menu to select individual voices, and you can select a VST instrument, port, and MIDI channel for each voice.

The two icons on the right with the wavy lines let you make these assignments for the whole project, or for individual flows.

In practice you want to do this after entering some music, because (obviously) there are no entries in the menu for voices which don’t exist in the score yet!