ALT-click on middle mouse button, please?


the middle mouse button “copy/paste in one go” functionality that Sibelius has is by far the most efficient time saver for me!
Could we please get the possibility to map the ALT-click to the middle mouse button?
Pretty please? :sunglasses:


++1 !

For the first post-release update we’ve already made the middle mouse button work as an alternative to holding Shift when clicking and dragging, so you can pan the music around by holding the middle mouse button and moving the mouse if you would otherwise make a marquee selection when clicking and dragging with the left mouse button. This is how Cubase handles the middle mouse button, for what it’s worth.

thanks for considering! And of course, consistency between Steinberg products is understandably more important than conventions from another program…
However, I’d be eternally grateful for exposing SOME kind of modifier/mouse combo that would let me customize that behavior, …!
Thanks a bunch!