Alt+Click to copy dynamics in triplet rhythms

Hi, folks.

Please have a look at the following picture:

I added the top dynamic by selecting the first note of the triplet rhythm and entering the dynamic in the popover. Thus, the dynamic got connected to the note.

Now the Monday Evening Riddle: Where do I have to alt+click in the following staves to get linked dynamics? I tried very hard to click the notes correctly (even 500% zoom didn’t help), but the dynamic - as shown in the picture - would always snap to the standard grid instead of my triplet note.
Is there a “correct” way to get linked dynamics here in the other staves?

(The only workaround I can think of is to copy the note with the dynamic to the other staves and change the notes, but this is clearly a workaround.)

Thanks, Esti.

Dear Estigy,
I tried and you’re right : there is something about copying those dynamics on tuplet notes. The only way I could have them vertically right is alt-clicking or copy-pasting AND doing alt-arrow to modify the vertical position to make it stick to the note (and not to the grid). And those dynamics are not linked, so this is another operation.
I think the team know about this behaviour, as they’ve been working on tuplets (or so have I understood by watching some interviews), so this is probably something that will disappear…

When you Alt+click, Dorico has to infer the rhythmic position to paste the item(s) from precisely where you click, and when you’re in a tuplet this is a bit more pernickety than when you’re not. I would suggest using Ctrl+V to paste the dynamics instead: you will soon be able to do that in a single operation by selecting the notes on the staves below with e.g. Shift+down arrow, then a single Ctrl+V will paste to all of the selected staves.


Marc, thanks for your reply.

Daniel, thanks for the word “pernickety”, I had to look it up :wink:
I was assuming that when I click a specific note, Dorico would get the rhythmic position from that note instead of from the raw position within the measure. (In any tuplet situation this would be practically impossible.)

Thanks both for mentioning the possibility to c&p dynamics only. Will try it :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I tried to copy paste the dynamics and got the exact same results as with alt-clicking, I had to use alt-arrow to position the dynamic correctly.