Alt-Clock for certain functions not working.

I have been using dorico over the last year and a bit. Just recently I have been encountering a strange issue where my alt-click functions to not work. I have tried to reset the keyboard shortcuts and checked my keyboard is functioning correctly to no avail.

I am unable to change the octave of my notes, and also seem to be unable to change barlines on individual staves. However, I am able to alt-click to quickly paste dynamics and ornaments/playing techniques to different notes.

I am using version on Windows 10 1909.


It seems that a recent Windows 10 or Intel graphics driver update has borked the octave shortcuts for a number of people.
Please see the helpdesk article.

As to barlines, does it work if you invoke the Shift-B popover on the appropriate stave, type the barline you want and then confirm the popover with Alt-Enter? I’m not entirely sure whether dragging and dropping independent barlines from the right panel is supposed to work.