alt key - am I missing something?

It used to be that the alt key would allow me to make changes to several items at once. For instance, I could change the output of several channels at once by selecting several channels and holding down the alt key and changing the output of one of the channels.

Am I doing something wrong. Has that feature been removed? has the keystroke been changed?

alt + shift

Thanks very much.

This doesn’t work for colors. is there a different key command to get the same colors on multiple tracks?

colors for multiple tracks is now broken. Or perhaps hidden in the undocumentation

I created project logical editor presets for the colors… and mapped those to Eucon buttons.

As follows

line1: Container type is - equal - track - and
line2: Property - propertty is set - selected

Line1: Set Color - Set to fixed value - Color 1

Do this and save a preset, repeat and each time make the color different ie Color 2, Color 3, etc etc up to Color 16.

you’ll have drop down preset now for colors… and those presets are now assignable to keys, hardware, or eucon.