alt key no longer activates Windows menu navigation

In the old days (Cubase 6.5) I used to be able to access the menu at the top by using the ALT key (ALT F for file, then hit “N” for new, or “T” for recent, etc.).

Now, right after I close down Hub, the ALT key doesn’t seem to make anything active in Cubase for me.

When I’m not in Cubase, i.e., just in Windows, the ALT key works just fine.

Can someone give me a suggestion? It’s not the end of the world of course, but I kind of liked being able to to that without using the mouse.


Anyone with any potential suggestions?

Thanks -

I’m new to Cubase and wasn’t around for 6.5. However, it occurs to me that Cubase 7 (or 7.5) may have appropriated the Alt key for it’s own purpose (but did not in 6.5) thus leaving it unavailable for Windows to use in it’s standard fashion. There are a great number of keyboard shortcuts (not to mention mouse actions) that use Ctrl, Shift and Alt, so that would be my bet.

OK, thx dmbaer. Gives me the idea that maybe I should try another sequence of modifier keys. Will let you know if that works … thanks again!