Alt + P - why is it not working all of the sudden?

It was working fine. All of the sudden is not. I assume that I pressed something or so. Anybody?


What function so you expect? Double check in the Key Command the function is assigned.

With selected audio/midi event while you press Alt+P automatically set the left and right cursor at the end and the begging of that event and start looping it.
I just found the key shortcut: Loop Selection Alt+P. I have it assigned but it is not working.

That is “P” not “Alt + P”

P is setting the cursors only. Alt+P sets cursors + starts looping the event. It should at least…

  1. I think SHFT-G does the same thing?

  2. If you go into the key command section and assign ALT-P to a random function, it will tell you if it is assigned previously to where you expect it to be … alternatively whether it has been “deleted” somehow.

  3. The last time a key command stopped working for me was when ALT-F (or was it CTRL-F) stopped opening the “File” command from the top of the page. I think it was maybe that Windows “stole” the command from Cubase … to be honest it was so long ago that I can’t remember.