Alt+shift Locating: new feature in Cubase 9.5

I don’t recall seeing this advertised, so here is a demo of it:

Hold Alt and Shift, and click anywhere in the project or key editor to locate. The key combination can be adjusted in the preferences.

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I’ve just been hunting for this exact thing in the keycommands…! Where do you see it please.? Is it a macro you mean instead perhaps.? (I’d like to hit just one key modifier, near where my hand is already, to place the playhead…)


(I’m going to like this a lot I reckon)

What does this do? U use shift alt + click to do what exactly?

It is at Editing > Tool Modifiers > Select Tool > Set Position

You can use it to set the playhead anywhere you want. It is like “Locate when Clicked in Empty Space”, but the space does not need to be empty and it is more precise.

Its for placing the playhead @Raphie; better like this, as it can be right where you are working - instead of having to find some ‘empty space’ or by reaching up to the Ruler and clicking there…

And thanks @djw… that’s good of you to post the screen grab too.! Perfect…

Now, does it also work in the VariAudio window I wonder…? Off to find out… :slight_smile:

I think it was mentioned somewhere…but good to have it confirmed with an actual example. Thanks.

It’s one of my fav new features so I wanted to highlight it. :slight_smile:

ah ok, i always just click the ruler. So when using alt shift you can now click anywhere in the arrangement window instead of hovering to the ruler?

Boo.! and indeed Hoo…! It will only allow the SHIFT, ALT or CTRL keys as ‘Tool Modifiers’ of course…! Bummer…

Good news; it works in the VariAudio window - which is great.!


I can see an advantage of doing this because so often I end up activating the loop when clicking on the ruler

Got it, it could be handy, though my muscle memory is really ruler focussed :slight_smile:

Liking this one immediately!! :smiley:

+1 (when I update!)

Nice function, please make ruller click loop mode activation turn of possibility in prefs.

One of my favorite, I know a small thing, but I feel like I’m working so more precise now.

The new function is nice but , most of the times is one hand on the pc keyboard and my other hand is on my instrument.

the ruler is to small , sinds the new purple cycle mode ruler is introduced .

Witch I never use . yes the purple ruler is my biggest frustration

Gr Ronald.

Just add 2 or 3 ruler tracks beneath and you have a bigger target to aim at.
Or add (shift alt) to a mouse button .

I didn’t know about this – awesome! Now I don’t need to click in the ruler and have loop enabled accidentally much of the time, like others have said. :smiley: