ALT+SHIFT+SLIDE follows quantise


i would like to be able to us “alt+shift+clic+drag” to drag waveform inside the region but following quantise ! so when you have a rythmic pattern you want to offset or when you want to scroll thru different version of a long improvised track but within a specific region size you activate quantise and the waveform jumps by the selected amount of quantise. (probably only works with grid relative and grid type of quantize)

why : doing music i sometime record long tracks of improvisations or rythmic patterns with modular synths using loop in nuendo.
i end up with 20 or 30 lanes of loops for a specific passage i’m working on. But it can be a rythmic guitar you recorded for many loops and you just want to select one. using the lane is one way to go but if you want to skip your loop for one bar and your region is 4 bars long… you have to move region, cut resize. With this you could just leave the region the size it is and alt+shift+drage the region while beeing sure it’s going to follow your quantise.

that videos goes thru some advantages of slide of course but totally misses this important point.