Hi there

I was wondering if there is a way altering note’s length via tuplet values without it already being a tuplet?

At the moment, when using the keys (win) ALT SHIFT → together, it is possible to change an existing notes length by the value specified in the box at the bottom left of the screen which is a great feature. If there was a way to achieve this in tuplet steps (without having to already have a tupelt as a starting note), this would be great.

Ideally I would love to start with a crotchet, activate tuplet mode and choose what tuplet value steps are available in the box at the bottom left of the screen, then use ALT SHIFT → to extend my crotchet to a crotchet-tied-to-a-quaver-tuplet, and so on.

This would greatly speed up my work flow



It’s not possible directly, but you can “tupletify” existing notes by selecting them, then hitting ; and entering the desired ratio into the popover.