Alt+Tab/Minimize & Restore behaviour is screwy

Anyone else getting this? I had it since they introduced that Mac style title bar thing (which I can’t stand btw) in 8, but it’s still an issue in 9. It takes repeated presses of the Cubase icon or alt+tabs to actually get Cubase to take focus on the screen again. Also Windows Explorer windows stay on top of the app even when I’ve switched back to it (after having dragged in a sample, for instance) and I have to do the same thing to get it to go away.

Windows 10 64-bit

Latest version of Cubase Pro 9.

Yes this has been a issue for me since 8.x upgrade. I have reported as bug in 8.x forums but I haven’t seen any response from SB around it.
Same thing, open Cubase and it’s in the background. Click it multiple times and usually no change. Strange behavior indeed.

Yes, it continues…

Drives me nuts! Old computer win7 64 with C8 32&64 / new computer win10 64 with C8-C9 same same no difference

What you can do is find individual reproducable behaviours and report them.

Well, glad it’s not just me I guess! I’ll just wait for a .x update to fix it. One of these days :wink:

I had it since they introduced that Mac style title bar thing (which I can’t stand btw) in 8

Not coincidental. :smiley:

They need to go back to a UX STANDARD… ie. the Windows version should work like… wait for it…


(And that goes for scroll bars, too. :smiley: )

^ Yes please. There’s absolutely no benefit to having the title bar. Under what circumstance would I want to see the menus and my desktop at the same time? Total pain in the butt.

In Cubase 4, before the new window handling, I couldn’t keep the project window maximized, since any other window that you open would demaximize it. I don’t miss that at all.

+1 for both

… and that’s also true! :open_mouth: My head will now explode …