Alt-tabbing from plugins behaves strangely?

Nuendo 12.0.52

Here’s the scenario: I’m in a plugin edit window on Nuendo (it’s the active window)

I alt-tab once

What I would expect to happen: it alt-tabs to the last active program (i.e. not Nuendo)
What actually happens: it alt-tabs to the main project window in Nuendo.

I can understand why this happens, as Windows is seeing the plugin window and the project window as 2 different ‘things’ to alt-tab to. But if I then alt-tab again I can’t go back to the plugin window (and if you look in the taskbar there’s only one open window in Nuendo, the plugin window isn’t on there).

Am I being unreasonable in expecting a bit more consistency from the way Nuendo handles windows in Windows?

Doesn’t happen if you set your plugin windows to “Always on top”, does it?

Hi Rob, on the contrary, if I deselect Always On Top then that plugin window appears in the taskbar under the Nuendo group as its own window and you can then explicitly alt-tab to and away from it.

With Always On Top I get the behaviour as described above.