Alt to suspend link causes conflicts

I think this will count as an issue. It regards unwanted side-effects when using the Alt key in linked eqs.

Update: considerably re-written due to further investigations.

Open the mixer and make sure the eq curve is visible in the rack.
Fully link three channels, select and open up a channel edit window. All the following are from within this window.

Exhibit A

  1. Grab an eq point and move it around. You will see the eq curves of all channels adjust accordingly.
  2. Now hold down Alt, then drag, as if you wanted to adjust the frequency only. But because Alt suspends linking, this adjustment now only happens on one of the eqs!
  3. Update: to get linked freq adjustment you have to click before Alt.

Exhibit B

  1. Click to bypass the eq of one of the linked channels. All bypassed, as you would expect.
  2. Alt-click to reset all linked eqs. All linked eqs go flat. BUT… Only the eq you clicked on is in fact reset. The others appear to be simply bypassed, with the un-reset numbers still visible (but grey). Maybe because Alt-click - of course - suspends linking.

This creates inadvertent and invisible offsets, which become apparent as soon as you set new points. See also C4-5 below.

Exhibit C - This perhaps only for Windows

  1. With the mixer showing, Alt-Tab away from Cubase to another open application. Note that Sus lights up!
  2. Alt-Tab back, let go and notice that Sus is still on.
  3. Press Alt again and it goes out.

Normally, Alt only temporarily suspends linking but here it is acting as if the Sus button was clicked, i.e. permanently. And it leads to this nasty…

  1. If, after returning to Cubase, you next move a linked eq point, only that one moves as linking is now suspended.
  2. This will lead to the inadvertent introduction of offsets into your supposedly linked eqs, as one aspect of one of them is now out by however much you moved it. (The ability to create offsets deliberately is highly desirable.)

    That’ll do. I’m not sure what I’d suggest as an alternative, given that any modifier key is likely to cause a similar problem, but I’m sure one can be found (or set up as a KC).

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Cubase 7.5.30 64-bit

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Exhibit D

  1. Link two tracks and make sure that includes Solo.
  2. Toggle Mute to see that both tracks mute together.
  3. Now hold down Alt to suspend linking and see that you can mute/unmute just one of the tracks.
  4. Now try the same with Alt-Solo. You get Solo Defeat. This use of Alt over-rides the Suspend Link usage.

With the allocation of Alt to suspend linking, there is an inbuilt conflict with other internal uses. Let alone user-defined ones.