Alta Loma Lullaby (A Song For Kay)

Hi All,
An electric and acoustic smooth jazz instrumental with classical connotation.

Very smooth and happy theme! This was a great morning song. Chilling here with my coffee mug on one side, sunny window in the other, firing up Cubase and your song playing in the background. Already know this is gonna be a good day!

nice stuff

When I click the link I get the opening page of soundcloud…Kevin

Hmm! There is something someone told me to insert into the link to prevent that from happening but I forgot what it was. I’ll look into that. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks all! Andre, funny you should say that. Those who I’ve sent this song to say they play it in the morning, on the way to work or before they go to bed at night. I guess it sets a mood. :slight_smile:

Another great piece and performance really like the mix. I love to hear playing w/o drums as it is the true test of your abilities as an instrumentalist. Well done no criticism needed at all and :slight_smile:
BTW I also had to remove the # sign from your link (had to on all your posts). You should be able to fix this easy enough.

Thank you Kenny! Appreciate your thoughts! :slight_smile:

Thanks Kenny, I went to a previous post that I corrected this issue on. It showed the “#” was removed. I wasn’t sure this post because when I just now removed “#” and clicked on the link, it reappeared in the url window. I’ll remember to remove it in future posts.
Thanks again my friend!