altered pitch in midi sounds

Hi my name is Carlos and i need some help about altered pitch in midi sounds.
i have got the Cubase LE - AI elements 6.
to record some keyboard parts of my songs, i use an keyboard midi controller(Miditech I2-49).
but now im facing the same problem in all my midi parts that i recorded:

  • when i open a project that has midi recorded parts and try to play or record another midi stuff, the pitch of all midi sounds gets altered.

How can i solve it?
Thank you :wink:

Carlos Rodrigues

koalcarlos: Did you change the sample rate on your songs :question:
Go to Project-Project Setup- Sample Rate
and see if it’s the same as when you Recorded your songs. :wink:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Not totally sure what you mean, but a good place to check would be under your MIDI Modifiers. Check that the Transpose is still at zero and that you don’t have any kind of MIDI processing going on in realtime or something. Also check that your keyboard doesn’t have a transpose function enabled.

Hi, thank you for your quick responses, and im sorry for my delay answer.
I have already solved my porblem:
i had in my midi controller setup , my audio software(toneport ux1) and my midi keyboard,both seleceted as active mdi inputs.
so since i disabled my audio software as active midi input, i solved my problem.
thank you for helping me.

Best regards

Carlos Rodrigues :wink: