Altering default note values?

Watching some videos about note input and note values, “You do not need to worry about which note values should be used in particular contexts. Dorico uses its intelligence to express the notes as per the rules and conventions it knows about.”

This strikes me as a bit odd that as a composer, I cannot notate this as a dotted quarter note. It must be expressed as a quarter tied to an 8th note?
Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 8.35.51 AM

Yes, of course you can.

In all parts of the program, Dorico has options that configure how it should behave by default – this extends to beaming, note groups and beat splitting, engraving styles, etc.

But there are plenty of ways of overriding the defaults. In this instance, you use Force Duration (press O (that’s Oh, not zero).)

For a note you’ve already entered, select the note, press O, then press [dot] (to remove the dot); then press dot again to restore it.


Got it. Thanks. Not exactly sure which key combination got me there, but it worked. Will take some practice.

You may want to change the default for this case, in Notation options, like this:

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This, sir, is brilliant. Thanks!

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