Altering Divisi

I have a Soprano Section, which then get Divisi-ed into two. It needs to go into three a bit later on.

To create “three from two”, I added another Divisi flag, but the third staff doesn’t show up in the same system as the flag. It shows on the next system. It shows in Galley View immediately from the flag, but not in Page View, even with notes in it.

Is there a trick to augmenting an existing Divisi?
Screenshot 3.png
Screenshot 2.png

This has been discussed somewhere before. You need to add a manual system break where the number of divisi parts changes. It cannot happen mid-system.

Ah ha! That might require a little co-ordination to achieve. But should be possible.


IIRC Daniel said the reason is that if you go from say 2 to 3 divisi lines in the middle of a system, there is no automatic way to decide what notes to put on the third staff before divisi. Obviously the performers will have to decide themselves who plays what, depending on how many players there are.

There is no problem going to or from one line to a different number in the middle of a system - just duplicate the unisoni notes onto all the divisi staves.