Altering the functions assigned by Cubase to the mod wheels

My keyboard (see picture) doesn’t have mod wheels, but one two-dimensional joystick stick and one one-dimensional joystick.

When using an electric guitar in Halion Sonic SE3, Cubase (Elements 9.5) in default assigns pitch bend to the two-dimensional joystick and vibrato to the one-dimensional joystick

For ease of operation, I would like to assign both pitch bend and vibrato to the two-dimensional joystick, with pitch bend for the vertical movement, and vibrato for the horizontal movement.

Any advice?



You can remap the incoming MIDI Messaged in the Input Filter if the track.

It’s pretty uncommon, actually. What Device is it? The common app is the one you described you want to achieve.

Thx. My keyboard is a Studiologic Numacompact2

Interesting, Studiologic/Fatar is pretty conservative. I would expect, they use the common (standard) Pitch Bend/Modulation X/Y controller.

Where would I find that Input Filter?

Not at my PC at the moment but I’m not sure that Elements has the Input filter.

You are right, there is no Input filter in Cubase Elements.

Thx. So, is there a workaround then for Elements 9.5?

Makes perfect sense. One joystick that can control both pitch bend and vibrato leaves your right hand completely free to play in the notes (and makes it sound much more like a real strat guitar recording). If only I could make Cubase listen fully to this two-dimensional joystick. Right now it only translates the horizontal joystick movement, into vibrato. The vertical movement doesn’t even register in the “MIDI input activity” indicator.