Alternate individual parts Trumpet in C/Bb

Hi, I’ve seen somewhere there was a way to produce efficiently alternate individual parts with different transpositions for the same player ie Trumpet in C/Bb or Clarinet in Bb/A but I’m not sure how. Is it with the Clefs and Transposition Overrides dialog in the Setup Mode? I assume I must change manually the name of the instrument in the Layout after?
Thanks for your help!

Add both instruments to the Player. In Galley View, both instruments will have separate staves so, you can input the music to each specific instrument. Then, back in Page View instrument switching will happen automatically.

I suspect Craig may have misunderstood what you were asking, Francis.

  1. Write the music for Trumpet in Bb.
  2. Duplicate the Trumpet in Bb layout from the right panel of Setup mode.
  3. Overtype the layout name of the duplicate layout (by double-clicking on it in the right panel of Setup mode.
  4. Use the Clef and Transposition Overrides dialog - it’s the setting at the bottom that you need.

For instance, for a Trumpet in C part you’d set written middle C to sound as C4. For a Clarinet in A part you’d set written middle C to sound as A3.
The transposition of the original instrument is actually irrelevant - Dorico just needs to know what the transposition is from written C.


Hi pianoleo,

Yes that is exactly what I was looking for! I wasn’t sure if this was the normal procedure. Thanks for you help!

I did indeed misunderstand. Thanks for the correction Leo.