Alternate loop function ala sampler track

Hi folks! Trying out GA5 SE at the moment, i really love that you can resize the wave editing window. Makes placing/adjusting various points so much better. No wonder i avoided it previously (4&3) as much i could. Wish that those little icons/knobs also got bigger.

Now for the real question that will make or break my investment to GA5. In Cubase sampler track, there is a loop option as “altrenate”. Where the sample reverses playback when it catches the end point. This was a big and important option in 90’s old samplers and is still best sounding when slicing and changing drum loops tempo. I just can’t find it in GA5 SE, is it in the full version of GA5?

Just don’t tell me that they implemented some kind of arbitrary functions eg. decompose, but didn’t polished out one of the basic feature?

the “Alternate” mode is part of GA5 SE and GA5 as well. Have a look on the “Edit” / “Sample” tab. In the bottom left corner is the switch for the “Loop Mode”. The default is “One Shot”

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