Alternate part layouts not appearing in print mode

Hello! I’m running Dorico Pro 3.5.10 on a Mac. (…confession time: It’s running Big Sur, which I believe is still not officially supported.) I have two alternate layouts for a part - in this case, one for horn in F and one for horn in Eb. When I go to the Print menu to create PDFs of them, I can create one for the F part but the Eb part just shows up as a blank screen, and I can’t create a PDF of it. This seems like it may be a bug, but perhaps I’m just missing something - or perhaps someone knows a workaround? Thanks very much for any help anyone may be able to offer!

Does the part definitely have at least one player and flow assigned to it?

Yes - I wrote the Eb part first, then copied the layout and used the new “clef and transposition override” feature to create the F part, so they both refer back to the Horn in Eb instrument in Setup.

Hi Scott.
Big Sur is supported for quite a while now. M1 chips are not, yet :wink:

Another thing to check is whether there’s a page range set in the panel on the right in Print mode. If not and everything otherwise looks fine, perhaps share the project here so someone can investigate.

I have 3.5.10 running just fine on an M1 machine here.

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Yes, we know they work, and fast. But are they supported yet?

Not officially, but I’ve not noticed any problems.

Hi Lillie, that did the trick! Sorry to miss something so basic - I hadn’t ever selected a page range that I can recall, so I hadn’t even looked at that option. Thank you again!

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Thanks Marc, I must have missed that but it’s good to know.